I am a psychotherapist in private practice who makes websites for therapists and mental health professionals.


How did you get into this?

This is a question I have heard a few times so let me tell you. I am a psychotherapist, still practicing in White Plains, NY. My wife and I opened our practice together and we wanted a website to showcase our work and attract ideal clients.

I decided to give it a try and make our website myself. I fell in love with the creative process and the best part is that it worked! We started getting referrals from our website and were then able to leave our full time jobs and focus solely on our private practice.

I take away the anxiety of creating a website.

I also love helping and teaching others (duh I'm a therapist). As our practice began to thrive I noticed how much I enjoy chatting with other therapists about their work and business strategies. Whether a therapist was contemplating leaving their agency position or already practicing but having difficulty attracting new clients, I provided strategies I have learned along the way that have been successful. This desire to help, combined with my clinical knowledge and creativity led me to start a new endeavor-Websites with Dan! 

More about me: Dad to girl/boy twins, love a good cup of coffee, riding my bike and hiking the Hudson Valley and spending time with my amazing family.